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PM Narendra Modi Chased Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal !

PM Narendra Modi Chased Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal !

Narendra Modi Chases Arvind Kejriwal

It seems Kejriwal can run but can not hide from prying eyes of Narendra Modi 😆 , they seems to follow Kejriwal everywhere.

Kejriwal watched ‘Airlift’ & Crowd shouted ‘Modi Modi’ ➡

Huge Embarrassment for Kejriwal, it happened  when CM Arvind Kejriwal reached to watch ‘Airlift’, Crowd chanted “Modi-Modi”. Now we Know why Kejriwal hates Modi so much.

What Mr Kejriwal, what say you! Now Kejriwal will demand banning ‘airlift’ as Only Modi’s Bhakts are watching it.



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