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Narendra Modi Greeted with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay’ Slogans at World Sufi Forum

Narendra Modi Greeted with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay’ Slogans at World Sufi Forum

‘Bharat Maa Ki Jai’ slogans raised before PM Modi’s address at World Sufi Forum is a Stand Out message to Owasisis of India. Crowd was awed with excellent speech by PM Narended Modi, Who said “None of Allah’s 99 names stands for violence” so True, but why not other Politicians convey the same message. I know why “Vote Bank Politics”.

Sufism is the celebration of diversity and pluralism. The first 2 names of Allah are compassionate and merciful. Allah is Rahman, Allah is Rahim. 

In a time when terrorism and extremism have become the most destructive force of our times, the message of Sufism has global relevance.

World Sufi Forum is an extraordinary event, giving the message of peace, tolerance & love. Glad to have attended.

Come, together let us challenge violence with kindness & compassion. Let us turn this world into a garden of peace!

We need to reject any link between terror & religion. Those who spread terror in the name of religion are nothing but anti-religious.

PM Modi’s address at World Sufi Forum


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