Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Approval rating remains high at 74%, as per a poll conducted by Mint and InstaVaani in November.

Results are indicative of his consistent popularity ,considering the fact that,the poll was conducted in the last week of the month, after the declaration of the results of the Bihar assembly election, in which Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance lost but before his speech in Parliament on Friday when he reached out to the opposition.

Amid all these non-sense and purely fictional intolerant debates ,this one comes as a great relief to PM Modi.He can take a cue that general citizen are with him and he must carry forward  because there are lot to do and lot of promises to fulfill.

The results prove that people continue to have high expectations of Modi, said Sandeep Shastri, pro-vice-chancellor, Jain University, and director of its Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education. “The high rating can also be attributed to the absence of a strong alternative to Modi” in the public’s eye, he added.

“There is some level of disillusionment” but expectations “are still high”, said Shastri.

Modi’s National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government’s rating was 70%.

The results of the survey show “that Bihar polls are not being viewed as a referendum on Modi or the central government,” said Shastri.

The reactions from BJP and congress are on expected lines where one is jubilant and other one in denial mode.

“The popularity of Prime Minister Modi continues to remain high because the people of the country understand and relate to his ideas, and they believe in the promises made by the prime minister,” said Sidharth Nath Singh, the national secretary and spokesperson of the BJP.

A Congress leader dismissed the Mint-Instavaani survey and termed it “faulty”.

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