Let us discuss Rahul Gandhi Vs Narendra Modi, How did they fare in Parliament?

“Govt has brought ‘Fair and Lovely’ scheme in Budget for people to convert blackmoney into white money” Rahul


“Opposition is worried and concerned as to how we are performing better than them” Modi

“The Make in India logo babbar sher is visible everywhere. But nobody knows how many jobs have been given.” Rahul


“Some people have aged physically, but not in maturity; Some don’t understand but just want to oppose for the sake of it” Modi

Bournvita Scheme for Rahul Gandhi

Rajdeep sardesai Chose his Master

A Congressi Leader caught laughing while PM was mocking RAGA

Sonia Gandhi allegedly caught checking whether people from her party are clapping or not?

Twitter React on RAGA speech

Rahul Gandhi in Loksabha RaGa

Rahul Gandhi in Loksabha RaGa


Rahul Gandhi in Loksabha

Rahul Gandhi in Loksabha


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