Narsingh Yadav cleared of doping charges by NADA panel. This Now authenticates Narsingh’s side of story, who repeatedly complained of foul play appeared before National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) for a second hearing on Wednesday and this revelation can help him strengthen his case. so NADA in a way by giving clean chit has given Narsingh Yadav ticket to participate in #RioOlympics2016. NADA further added that one time ingestion wasn’t within his knowledge and there is no fault and negligence on Narsingh’s part.

 Meanwhile it was already reported that amidst ongoing Doping Scandal, WFI is set to  Replace Narsingh Yadav With Praveen Rana for Rio Olympics. So Now it seems all door closes on Narsingh and may be this is the end of his Olympics Medal Dream this year.

26-year-old Narsingh Yadav had tested positive for banned anabolic steroid methandienone which has put his participation in the Rio Games under question. The Wrestler was selected to represent India in the 74kg category. But sportsman from start has maintained that he was framed by rivals, who tampered with his food and supplements so that he will be barred from Olympics.



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