NIT Shrinagar- Anupam Kher Stopped,Students leaving for Home- RSS and BJP to Blame!!

NIT Shrinagar issue is not going to stop anytime soon considering apathy from Newly formed State government with the backing of So called Nationalist RSS. BJP and RSS are now tangled in their own games of Nationalism. What happened Smriti irani, did you forget your Nationalist Duties!! After a Long negotiations they have finally settled in Power chairs and now NIT Shrinagar threatens to interfere in comfort zone. Not only NIT Srinagar students but also PM Modi is let down by Moronic Politics from RSS. I guess you can change chaddi’s but not the Mind.

When @AnupamPkher and @ashokepandit are stopped going to #NITSrinagar how a common KP can ever imagine of resettlement in Kashmir?

Non-Local NIT Srinagar Students Boycott Exams, Leaving for Home is really pathetic update. India considers RSS and a section of BJP  responsible for whole situation. When you thumped your chest with Nationalist slogans then you must had backed up NIT Shrinagar students, because those guys followed your Nationalist ideas. Solve the situation in NIT at earliest or you will always be known as Leader in opportunistic Politics. I am a big fan of Progressive ideas of PM Modi. I guess these guys have let him down.





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