In a shocking manner, NIT Srinagar Students were Lathi-charged by Police. It is been alleged that “Students were very afraid, they wanted to talk with Media and to report about them getting threats from outsiders. and so they tried to break out and to talk with Media when this Incident happened. Now questions are being raised why Police is so afraid of students talking with Media”

When JNU Brand 30+ yr old Innocent PHD students raised Anti-National Slogans, Some Journos in India found their Only Hope, like one Mr Ravish from NDTV couldn’t sustain the Light emanating from their saviour Kanhaiya, so he immediately closed all the light and started speaking in Dark, But now when NIT Shrinagar students raised National slogans, it was all dark for them, no source of Paid news. No leftist flavor so they decided not to report or if report then say it as Vandalism, as it is about raising National slogans.

Poor NIT Students,  they have to understand, Media only favors you if you raise Anti- National slogans, ask Azaadi for no reason, celebrate deaths of CRPF Jawans, or Demean Hindus Gods. As you guys are not fulfilling criteria chances are bleak that Mr Furjiwal or Mr Pappu visits you.

See the Difference, Police didn’t even entered the JNU to arrest those Fakers, and in NIT Shrinagar students were beaten inside the campus on Tuesday and some of The students are injured. There are no Media reports about students injuries as Media is not allowed but the Rowdies are!!.


Students only help is social Media through which they are interacting



Students at #NITSrinagar not allowed to go outside the campus;media not allowed inside the campus.Where is the freedom of speech now?




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