Some shocking revelations are coming out. It is now clear that Non-Kashmiri students at NIT Srinagar had been harassed for some time now, it is not new at NIT Srinagar, but Female student threatened of Dire consequences “If one of you gets raped, the rest will fall silent’: Terrified female students at NIT Srinagar say Kashmiris are threatening them with abuse and violence as tensions mount on campus” is shocking and need urgent attention. 

Stop Yawning Modi Government and ensure safety of Female students at NIT Srinagar.

It is very disturbing to know that Students were harassed and abused at such level and Our Nationalist “Bharat Mata ki Jai Brand government” did nothing, instead Deputy CM says it was a minor scuffle. For BJP and RSS first follow the lesson, what you intend to preach. I must say this is a let down by Narendra modi and BJP. From Now on wards it will be hard to believe on them that they are different, No they are not. Don’t become Power Hungry Manipulative Liars.

Where is the Kanhaiya Lover Afzal Premi Gang of Media, why Hide Now!!


A Horrific Tale of History of Bullying Female Students Studying at NIT Srinagar

She broke down on the phone, scared for her life and honour in NIT Srinagar hundreds of kilometres away from the safety of her home in Uttar Pradesh.

“Local Kashmiri students are threatening us – outstation girl students – with rape and molestation. Yesterday, a group of Kashmiri students walked up to me and said: ‘Ek ke saath rape hoga to sab thande pad jaoge’ (If one of you gets raped, the rest will fall silent),” said the student, whose name we are withholding so that she does not face reprisals. 

“God was kind that no girl was present when the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Police brutally assaulted the non-Kashmiri male students on Monday. Had there been girls, they too would have been thrashed like the boys. Why did the police and the college administration treat us like animals?” 

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