Dear Ones ‘Intolerance Debate in India is not going to Die Soon’ & Hate mongers still have space to grow. Actor Kajol who featured mostly with Shahrukh Khan in their recent release ‘Dilwale’ and other several Blockbusters spoke on the intolerance war and said that “The film industry is one place where we have no lines, no barriers, no caste, no creed, no color and no intolerance”. Knowing her closeness with Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan, Everyone esp Bollywood and Media, was waiting for her Response.

Now this raises the confusion among Common naive India, how would two clearly see Intolerance everywhere but other can’t any difference. May be Karan and Shahrukh‘s spectacles need to change.

Karan Johar discovers Intolerance- Award Wapasi, Dalit Suicides & Minority Politics Return Back !

Shah rukh Khan accepts and apologizes, ‘Dilwale’ collections being Hit because of His Remark on Intolerance