Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays foundation stone for Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Memorial in New Delhi. And Rightly used the Platform to shed the Fears on SC/ST Reservation “Reservations for Dalits, tribals and marginalised communities “- This is a right that nobody can snatch”. PM Modi recalled the efforts and role played by former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He indirectly slammed Media and other Opposition Parties of spreading Lies about Status of SC/ST Reservation. He said it had happened with Vajpayee ji and now Same Rumor Mills are running around to defame BJP Government “When Vajpayee ji became PM, sections started saying reservation will go. He was PM for two terms nothing of that sort happened. Nothing has ever happened to the reservation for Dalits, tribals, where we are in power but still this lies is spread to mislead.”

Then PM Modi asked A Tough question, aimed at Congress “Why was it that Dr. Ambedkar had to resign from the ministry? This part of history is either forgotten or diluted”.

He even asked Contractors of Dalit Politics ” Why no Memorial for Baba Saheb for Last 60 Year” .Yes it is baffling fact when you can find a Memorial in Every Mohalla for Dynasty Preachers.

“He left us in 1956. Today, after 60 years, a memorial is being set up. 60 years have passed! I don’t know how we can explain this, but we have had to wait for 60 years for this. Perhaps, this was written in my fate. Perhaps, I had the blessings of Baba Saheb on me,”

Babasaheb was the voice of the marginalised. He is a Vishwa Manav. Only talking about him with respect to India is injustice to him.

When issue of equal rights to women came up, Babasaheb was clear that if women don’t get equal rights I cant be a part of the ministry.

There is a bill on waterways in Parliament but let me tell you this vision is of Dr. Ambedkar’s.He believed in India’s maritime strength.

Dr. Ambedkar told society one thing- to get educated. It is like the inner power and he showed the way in that regard.

Dr. Ambedkar called for labour reform and at the same time thought of industrialisation for the progress of India

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