Arvind Kejriwal tried to be a Master Blaster but become Sore Loser this time. But this is not new with Runaway Bride of Indian Politics, if you remember correctly he ran away from Delhi CM Post thinking that as a Master stroke. BJP strategy in whole fiasco is sublime, first to tire out kejriwal (or at least let him feel winning and then give him sudden dose of reality), Great Strategy Amit Shah, Your reputation precedes you!!

Knowing PM Modi’s meticulous approach to minute details, everyone in India was confident that Arvind Kejriwal will get a lesson of Lifetime.

And now The master stroke—

Why Arvind not coming out with the fact that he does not have All India Ranking in IIT? Sambit Patra #PMDegreeProof

Big Big Expose: Kejriwal got in IIT through fake Quota- Not on Merit- it is been alleged at Twitter that Kejriwal didn’t get through IIT by Merit list but through shoddy Quota

Ch C0iRUgAAsI53 - Arvind Kejriwal doesn't have All India Ranking in IIT- BJP Alleges