Open Letter Champion Barkha Dutt questions Chetan Bhagat on his Open Letter!!

Open Letter champions, Likes of Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai didn’t like some one else writing a Open letter, as writing open letter is patented by them and they have copyrights to it. So when Chetan Bhagat wrote “Letter to Kashmiri youth: Even if you don’t like India, here’s why your best bet is to integrate J&K with it” is not acceptable at all.

Madame Barkha Dutt we are with you, How could he not mention, what you want! Mr Chetan Bhat, you may be IIT AND IIM pass out but Barkha dutt being a Leftist thinker and famed Tolerant writer has supreme literary abilities. That makes her Real Intellectual.



No wonder she is angry, your talks about Nationalism, she is A Anti-Nationalist Writer ( She herself claimed that).

Some Excerpts From Chetan Bhagat’s Open Letter

Dear Kashmiri friends (the ones who don’t like India),

I write in this open forum because something terrible is happening in the Kashmir Valley. The recent events at NIT Srinagar only brought the situation to national attention. Some students burst crackers when India lost the T20 semi-final. Many students were beaten for raising the Indian flag. Thereafter, bloody clashes have broken out in north Kashmir.

Sure, the experts will jump on me now. Experts who have made the Kashmir problem their fiefdom. However, if the problem were indeed solved, how will these people stay relevant? Hence, they always attack any solution with their elitist ‘this is too complicated an issue’ stance. They love complicated. It gives them another conference to attend. You suffer with complicated, as the problem never gets solved.

Read Complete Chetan Bhagat Open Letter

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