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Pakistan is Terroristan, We must #SayNoToPak- Chetan Bhagat

Very true, Pakistan should be renamed as “Terroristan”. In very hard hitting and fitting words chetan Bhagat says “Pakistan is Terroristan, We must #Say No To Anything Pakistan Attached”. He has reasons that are well founded when we indian frantically calls them a Terrorist nation and then resort to welcoming Pakistani Artists then what kind of message we are sending to International Junta that it is Family feud but still we romanticize among ourselves”.  When we talk of strict actions and completely sidelining pakistan then it has to be done in everything. This all happened during Newshour Debate with Arnab Goswamy.

We have to take a call. Pakistan is now a terrorist nation: Chetan Bhagat



one film critic Mayank S on Newshour says Pak also allows Indian artists in Pak..arre bhai hum Terrorists thoda bhejte hain




Pakistan is a terrorist Country and we must be boycott them in all field. Must Watch #BoycottPakOrNot




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