Pakistan makes fun of Wing Commander #Abhinandan through a World Cup 2019 Ad. Twitter users are now furious over Pakistan channel’s World Cup ad on pilot #Abhinandan.

In a 33-second video released by Pakistan’s #JazzTV, the character impersonating #Abhinandan can be seen sporting the #IAF pilot’s signature moustache. However, the character is shown wearing the jersey of the #IndianCricketTeam. #CWC19.

The tension is not limited to the cricket field as Pakistan and India go head-to-head in the #CWC19 on June 16.

I don’t know why people are surprised at Pakistan’s failed attempt to make fun of Wing Commander #Abhinandan. They refused to accept the dead bodies of their own soldiers in Kargil War 1999. They have no respect for their own soldiers, we can’t expect them to respect ours.