Pakistani Media’s New Hero – One & Only Arvind Kejriwal

Yes it is true, Now Pakistani Media is quoting Arvind Kejriwal as potential proof to Their story of No Surgical Strikes in POK. In a Way Arvind Kejriwal has indirectly supported Pakistani Media in Propagating false News. Way to Go, you can now be PM of Pakistan! Problem with Immature Politicos of AAP is that they think they are only intelligents left in this Fool’s World and world strictly revolves around them.


Congrats @ArvindKejriwal Sir. Soon you will get Pakistan Ratna Award

Pakistan’s Surgical Attack on India by Arvind Kejriwal 




Following suspicion raised by international media over India’s claim of carrying out “surgical strikes” against ‘militants’ in the Pakistani side of Kashmir, politicians across the border have now started questioning the authenticity of the incident.

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal on Monday urged Indian premier Narendra Modi to release evidence of the ‘strikes’ which are still shrouded in mystery. Pakistan has already ripped to shreds the farcical claim as an “illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects”.

Tribune Pakistan


Congrats Arvind Kejriwal you are new Hero of Pakistan now

— Jaichand Kejriwal (@TrollKejri)


This all started with him as he released a Video Message urging PM to come up with proof so that all propaganda should stop now. We all know now-a-days he is so used to sending Video messages. Now when our Army has already released their statement, so it is indeed asking questions to our Army but not PM. He as a CM should have understood but these same reasoning is beyond his Insane mannerism.


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