Rahul Gandhi Bumped,Jumped and Stumped

“The difficulty with Rahul Gandhi is that he is an expert without knowledge.” Famous Quote by Arun Jaitely

Jiatley said ”There are many people in this country whose children have to work for a living,” Jaitley said, adding that there are ‘others’ who have lived for generations without working. “They have learned the art of living comfortably without working, some of us have not,”

Ye Pappu Kabhi Paas Nahi Hoga

Mr Prince  is so useless that useless word is shadowed.Time and Again he has proved that there is one and only one Pappu,no one is closer.

TOI is little sympathetic towards him in suggesting that he should dump his speech writer.Arre Baba it’s not their fault,Mr Rahul has already changed hundreds of them.He can’t help it,he is trying for last ten years.It is high time that Madame Italy should Dump Him,Bring any one in his place.

If Congress party has no replacement for him then god save the queen(Madam ji).

In Politics their is no place for Straight Liars but cunning liars will survive,he is just a plain liar

 Congress “strongly” believes in GST, government has to reach out: Rahul Gandhi

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3 Responses

  1. RK says:

    He got bumped and stumped by Mount Carmel college student.. How stupid is he, playing politics in college function also.

    • Rudralochan says:

      for the sake of opposing ,these stupid will oppose anything,for god sake what’s wrong with cleaning program and make in india,it’s a very genuine initiative

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