Pervez Musarraf, Favorite of Indian Media and of secular Intellectual forces in India(He is regular visitor in seminars) says Pathankot-like attacks are not going to stop.

India is over-reacting on Pathankot attack case” but also added that “such kind of attacks will continue to happen in future.” “Terrorism is prevalent in both India and Pakistan. We are also victims of the same so we should not over react to what happened in Pathankot. Yes, of course we want to control such incidents, but one should get hyper over such incidents,”

These terrorists attacks are way too casual for him, epitome of Pakistani Army Mentality, life of common human being has no value if they are not member of Elite Pakistani Army Ranks. He is of opinion that the kind of Aftereffect and pro-activeness shown by Indian and Pakistani Civilian Government is not required at all.