“I have always received a lot of warmth and affection whenever I have played in India, There are very less nations where I’ve enjoyed cricket as much as I’ve enjoyed cricket in India-Shahid Afridi” This was reply of  Sahid Afridi about his Indian Fans.

But it seems, In pakistan it is illegal to have Fans in India and if a Person openly expresses his Love to india, it is crime and a Petition will follow in Pakistan.

So Naturally a petition has been filed against Shahid Afridi in Lahore High Court  over his Love remarks.

The petitioner, advocate Azhar Siddique, claimed that Afridi’s statement has hurt nation’s sentiments and the court must ask the cricketer to explain the statement. He also urged the court to ask the veteran player to submit the explanation in fifteen day.Read More

And a Former Pakistani Cricketer Miandad too joined Hate Band Wagon

“These cricketers should be ashamed of themselves for  saying such a thing. Shame on you,” Miandad  on the ‘Aaj TV’ channel.

Legal Notice To Shahid Afridi Over ‘Getting More Love In India’ Remark