PM Modi gets emotional- I won’t back down on Rs 500 & Rs 2000 Ban!

PM Modi a ultra-courageous man but today he was emotional. He must had high expectations from the opposition and he might have thought they would help the common man to overcome the recent issues. Our Ever communal and corrupt politico gang can never raise above petty politics as it suits their aspirations. PM Narendra modi made these comments on demonetisation during his address in Goa.

I know the forces up against me, they may not let me live,they may ruin me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am prepared.

What was the news in 2012, 2013 and first half of 2014- the scams, the corruption…did you see their condition after 8th November.

Yes I also feel the pain. These steps taken were not a display of arrogance. I have seen poverty & understand people’s problems.


I was not born to sit on a chair of high office. Whatever I had, my family, my home…I left it for the nation.


If any money that was looted in India and has left Indian shores, it is our duty to find out about it.

The people have chosen a government and they expect so much from it. In 2014 so many people voted to free the nation from corruption.


This Government will never trouble innocent citizens & at the same time the Government wants to ensure those who are guilty are punished


PM Modi on Rahul Gandhi


This suffering is for 50 days; After cleanliness, not even a mosquito can fly; People in #2Gscam have to stand in queue for Rs 4000: PM Modi


PM’s speech at launch of various projects in Goa



PM Modi at Karnatak Lingayat Eduction Society Centenary Celebrations in Belagavi, Karnataka

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