PM Modi has shared the story of Bharat and Daksha’s wedding and said it is indeed a milestone in the fight against black money and corruption. He seems really happy with “Chai Pe Charcha” style of Marriage where everyone present were offered a Tea as the Only Marriage sweet.

What PM Narendra Modi said about Marriage of Bharat Maaroo and Dakshaa Parmar from Surat?

During elections, I used to have ‘चाय पर चर्चा’, that is discussions over tea and this got publicised around the whole world. People in many countries of the world even learnt to utter the phrase – ‘Chai Par Charcha’. But, I did not know ‘Chai Par Charcha’ could be linked to a marriage also.

I learnt that on 17th November, a marriage was solemnised with ‘Chai Par Charcha’ in Surat. One daughter at Surat in Gujarat served only tea to all the guests who had come to her wedding.

There was no big function, no feast or banquet because there was a shortage of cash due to demonetisation. Guests from the bridegroom’s side also gracefully accepted it as their ceremonial welcome.

Bharat Maaroo and Dakshaa Parmar from Surat, through their marriage, have made a valuable contribution in the ongoing fight against corruption and black money and set up a very inspiring example.

I convey my blessings to the newlyweds Bharat and Dakshaa and profusely compliment them also for having transformed their wedding occasion into an offering for the great task and thereby converting it into a new opportunity. Whenever confronted by such difficult times, people do succeed in exploring and finding good avenues and solutions.