PM Modi this news is not in sync with our ‘Ache Din’, “87 yr old Kanubhai Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi lives with his  wife Dr Shiva Lakshmi Gandhi in a Old Age Home when hundreds of Govt bungalow is mugged by Fakers and Liars community of Dirty and Paid Politicians and Media Brokers.”

It is utmost frustrating and shocking to see Grandson of Father of Our Nation [Mahatma Gandhi The Original Gandhi] lives in old age home with his wife, while fake gandhis lives in Bungalow probably on our Hard earned Tax Money. We demand from our PM Narendra Modi to arrange a Comfortable lodging for Real Gandhis and why not, if our Money has to spend, let it for Kin of Bapu.

Indeed a Great Gesture from Our PM Narendra Modi to direct culture minister Mahesh Sharma to meet him and get stock of situation.

PM @narendramodi has taken note of reports about Shri Kanubhai Gandhi. He asked Minister @dr_maheshsharma to meet Kanubhai.

PM @narendramodi and Kanubhai had a long conversation. They spoke in Gujarati and had a very pleasant discussion.

Later Kanubhai said that he is an old follower of Modi and he (Modi) remebered all the help I had extended to him. At that time Sonia Gandhi was against both of us, he said, adding that “Modi understood everything in Gujarati”. Sharma later said PM Modi offered “all support” to the couple.

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