PM Modi’s speech on New Year’s Eve- How Journalists differ in Narratives?

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation yesterday. I was very surprised and happy to see the Anticipation and expectations from Countrymen. May be not all of our wishes are fulfilled but here is One prime minister who communicates with fellow citizens directly. I have never seen such expectations from a PM’s speech. Before PM Modi we were not even aware that our PM MMS could talk.

Many of us are not that Happy as our personal wishes are not addressed but then what if someone is eagerly waiting only to puncture, only to find negatives. Mind you there are handful of so-called liberal Journalists whose daily routine starts wishing Modi must fail. No matter how hard Modi works they always discredit it.

Here Journalism is not at work but their personal vendetta and their political affiliation.


How Journalists differ in Narratives?


Sagarika Ghose

Its election time and its raining sops in the PM’s speech. Mixer grinders, laptops ahead?

Nothing on cash withdrawal limits?How long will they continue? oh well. Back in the queue from Monday folks. Happy 2017!

“Purity”: (economic, cultural, racial) is a dangerous concept. What is “pure” and what is “polluted” can be used for all kinds of injustices.

From kaala dhan, we’re now on about pregnant women.When no cash available for recreation,guess there’s only procreation!

Rajdeep Sardesai

Yesterday, we saw a political soap opera; today, we are seeing a political sop opera!

At end of @PMOIndia speech still no ans to 2 big qs: a) what real impact on black money 2) when will limits on bank withdrawal be lifted?

I have great regard for Mr Modi’s speech skills. Rare occasion where I have to say NaMo did a RaGa: khoda pahad nikla chuha!

Can anyone explain rationale of announcing a 6000 RS maternity scheme that already exists on paper? Why not implement existing scheme first?

Rahul Kanwal

If a trader has business of more than Rs 2 cr, then the tax calculation through digital payments will be calculated at a rate of 6%.

A lot of what @arunjaitley may have wanted to say in his 2017 budget has already been announced by @PMOIndia in his New Year address.

Scheme for senior citizens. For 10 years up to Rs 7.5 lakhs senior citizens will be capped at 8 %. So that lower deposit rates don’t hurt.

A Funny tweet to end the Post


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