PM Modi posed difficult yet legitimate questions that need immediate Action. If India has to progress, first step should be achieving total equality, no differences based on religions, Gender.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday batted for equal women rights in the Muslim community and said he favoured discontinuation of ‘triple talaq’ at a rally in Bundelkhand’s Mahoba.

PM said it was for this reason that his government has told the Supreme Court that inequality cannot be allowed in the name of religion.

Modi also said that justice demands that the government works as per the Constitution and provides gender justice for everyone.


PM Shri Narendra Modi on government’s affidavit on ‘Triple Talaq’, 24 October 2016.


PM Narendra Modi- Don’t Muslim women have right to equality? They do not deserve injustice & discrimination on the basis of sect & community in 21st century.




Watch Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s speech at Bundelkhand Parivartan Rally in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh : 24.10.2016