PM Narendra Modi CNR Rao

PM Narendra Modi CNR Rao

Bharat Ratna CNR Rao says that Our PM Narendra Modi is a Man of vision and he has lot of constructive ideas, he adds “He is obviously a doer” but he need good support and good advisers. I couldn’t agree more. But added to good advisers, we need construcive support from opposition as well considering the fact for passing Major Progressive Bills such as GST need to be passed in RajyaSabha where Modi is in minority.

“There is nothing wrong in what he says. What he says is perfect. Except that, we have to do many of those things”

“I do hope our Prime Minister will find the right people for the right advice because no one person or no one ministry can handle the large problems of either science or society. Using science, we have to solve pressing problems of poverty while competing with rest of the world. One also has to do frontier blue-sky research. If all these things India has to do then PM Modi needs to know what the priorities are, how do we proceed what do we work on. I do hope he will get the right advice and get some kind of a group of people to advise him, I do hope and pray that he will do that.”

So do you think India is becoming intolerant?

No, India is not becoming intolerant. [Some] intolerance is there in society; fortunately, a majority of Indians are tolerant.

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