PM Narendra Modi will launch India’s First Crop damage insurance scheme

This would a first significant move to address the distressed agricultural sector in India, great initiative to take place. We must congratulate our PM Narendra Modi for Initiative( PM Narendra Modi will launch India’s First Crop damage insurance scheme). It is going to provide a much needed support to Agriculture sector and will certainly lessen our Farmer’s Load. The cabinet has cleared the launch of the country’s first major crop damage insurance scheme, a move that would further strain government finances but help farmers. It will be launched its first major crop damage insurance scheme for farmers in the fiscal year starting April 1.

“Farmer brothers and sisters, at a time when you are celebrating festivals like Lohri, Pongal and Bihu, the government has given you a gift in the form of Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme,” Narendra Modi tweeted hours after the Cabinet cleared the proposal.

“This is a historic day. I am confident that this scheme, which is inspired by the consideration of farmers’ benefit, will bring about a major transformation to the lives of farmers,” Modi added.

“The scheme has the lowest premium, it entails easy usage of technology like mobile phone, quick assessment of damage and disbursement within a timeframe, It is easy to subscribe to the scheme and easy to benefit. So, do join it,”

Watch Video to Know, The Benefits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Crop Insurance Scheme