You can watch PM Narendra Modi’s full interview to ANI on New Year’s 2019 Eve. In case you missed it, here is PM Modi interview with ANI. He Has spoken about a wide range of issues. do Watch!

Best Quotes from PM Modi’s Inteview

  • On the surgical strikes, there are some political parties who began to speak the same language as Pakistan. These parties were demeaning our armed forces. They politicised such an issue. As the PM, I will always appreciate the armed forces.
  • On Rafale I have spoken in Parliament and in various public meetings. The Indian Supreme Court has given their views and the French President has also spoken.
  • One of our former Prime Ministers called the Planning Commission members a ‘bunch of jokers.’ Do you know who was the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission then: PM @narendramodi (Referring to what Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said when Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Deputy Chairman) .
  • Triple Talaq is not a religion issue. This is about gender justice. Several Islamic nations have banned it.
  • I want to appeal to the Congress not to use their lawyers to delay the judicial process on the Ram Temple.
  • Those who have run away after looting people will have to return. Every penny they have taken from the people, they will have to return it back to the people .