Modi in Loksabha –  Narendra Modi smartly and expertly used Rajiv and Indira Gandhi‘s Quotes to counter and silent Congress. PM Modi reminded Cong of Rajiv’s views against disruptions in Parliament. He appealed to entire opposition in passage of important bills in both Houses of Parliament, quoting Rajiv Gandhi.He even used quotes by Somnath Chatterjee to show them Mirror.

Modi in Rajyasabha – This time he used a New and different way to counter congress, it was Modi in Atal bihari vajpayee Mode. PM Narendra Modi was  replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to the Honorable President’s address. He  concluded his speech  “Safar Mein Dhoop To Hogi” by Nida Fazli in Rajya Sabha.

PM Narendra Modi’s Shayari Modi In Rajya Sabha——



Excerpts from PM Modi’s Speech in Rajya Sabha

There is a funny thing about “death”, no one blames death. they blame the reason why people die, Like people die of Cancer,people die of Old Age but never Death get Blamed,Sometimes I feel Congress has a boon like that. Its always said “attack on opposition”, never said “attack on Congress”. When we criticise the Cong, it is reported as – criticism on Opposition, not criticism on Congress. But when i might criticize Mayawati, i will be blamed to Target BSP.

There are two kinds of people in the world, one who work, and the others who only take credit.

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