Malappuram district police arrested a 24-year-old Anwar Sadhik for posting insulting comments about NSG commando Lt Col Niranjan Kumar.

24 year old Anwar Sadhik, who claimed to  work with a Malayalam daily,  has been arrested from his house in Kodur around 1.30 pm yesterday. Malappuram district police arrested him on charges of sedition that comes under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code . However his facebook profile is deactivated now.

But the newspaper has denied that there is no such employee. Police also confirmed that the accused is a salesman in a ration shop and has nothing to do with the daily.

He had commented on facebook  “so, another trouble maker is also gone. Now government will give money and job to his wife and we commoners get nothing. Such a stinking Indian democracy”

In another comment, he said… “Why salute? Have you ever thought how terrorism originates?  No one is born a terrorist. 10-50 should die (like NSG commando Niranjan)”

Even he has not only posted unacceptable comment,  Also he had shared a link to the ‘Islaimic State’ Facebook page on his own timeline last month.