Priyanka Gandhi So Poor, Can’t Pay 53,000 as Rent-Reactions at Twitter

What a Revelation! Yesterday it was Farmer Vadra claiming he doesn’t need  Priyanka Gandhi to enhance his Life, and now priyanka Gandhi is in News. So finally Vadra ji is right, he doesn’t need gandhiis but they being so poor need Farmer Man The Vadra.

The late PM Rajiv Gandhi’s and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra proved to be a tough negotiator 14 years ago, getting the Vajpayee government to pare down the monthly rent to her sprawling 2,765.18 sqm house in Lutyens’ Delhi from Rs 53,421 to a mere Rs 8,888. She said it was “beyond her capacity to pay the high amount”.

Priyanka wrote to the government in May 7, 2002 that Rs 53,421 was “too high” an amount and “beyond her paying capacity”.

Funny Reactions at Twitter:—-

Why Is Modi Govt. Is So Intolerant Towards Poor Farmers Like Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Let’s Start Returning Awards In Protest.

After hearing that Priyanka Vadra cannot pay a rent of Rs 53,000, Mukesh Ambani has ordered that his family eat only once in 2 days


Priyanka Gandhi can’t pay Rs.53,000 rent, Robert Vadra says he doesn’t need her.. Pls donate rent money and reunite couple

When all the money is Swiss banks, how can a poor Indian pay Rs 53,000 as house rent for a palatial sarkari house?

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