Made News on Narendra Modi

Made News on Narendra Modi

I agree that error happens but when these errors are too often and always on receiving end is ‘Mr Narendra Modi’ and His Government, then it raises eyebrows. Be it Dadri Incident, Award Wapasi or any incident that happens in any part of India irrespective of State Goverment, belonging to a Different parties, it does not matter, they always come hard on Narendra Modi while ignoring others.

Now when Pathankot Terror attacks were still ON, they quoted Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag as Saying ‘India needs to change its  security policy”, and timing of this statement makes Army chief looks like criticizing Modi and his policy, it was a big news.

But this was not the truth, he never made that statement and question is how come media made such an error while quoting a Army chief, is it deliberate.

I have not still seen any corrections online but you can find a correction in TOI (Bangalore edition) page no 13,in deep inside, too little  to notice.

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