If you want to be someone supercool like Super cooled Woke Bollywood Babes then you need to Protest Like a Woke Citizen and CAA NRC protests are new Trends to Follow.

More than following or opposing a ideology, it has become a style statement to Protest something against Regime and prove yourself to be worthy of being called a woke dude or Babe.

You don’t need to know anything only protest that will give you a entry in woke news channels, woke media, woke celebs.

Woke people go to protests to get instagramworthy pictures. These people are fighters, rebel, revolutionary. They fight for our future. They are our Che Guevaras. Henceforth, to pay respect, let’s call them Chu Tiyevara. Retweet to make this reach all concerned. Lol Salam.

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