Congress Nemesis Maverick Swamy is again in Form and this time Rahul Gandhi has to face the burnt As LK Advani-headed Lok Sabha ethics committee directed him to respond to questions on whether he (Gandhi) had once declared himself a British citizen.Read More

Swamy had accused Rahul Gandhi of being a British citizen to float a firm in UK. Swamy had already written a letter  to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and strongly demanded that Rahul Gandhi as a british Citizen be stripped of his Indian citizenship and his membership of Parliament. There are many severe issues and concerns to be addressed by Rahul Gandhi. It even raises concern over his intentions as he was Parliamentarian at that time when he allegedly claimed himself as British Citizen. How Can a Indian Citizen who represents Indian Parliament be a British Citizen just to Float A Company???

Swamy alleged that Gandhi had floated a company called Backops Limited in 2003 in the United Kingdom, and in the annual return form, he had declared himself to be of British nationality with a UK address. Rahul also held 65 per cent of the total shares issued by this company.