After Claiming that Government doesn’t allow him to talk and  then running away midway while Anurag Thakur was throwing Verbal Grenade, Now  Shri Rahul Gandhi Finally speaks in Lok Sabha!

Had a tiring day, want to watch something funny. Where can i see the whole video of Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha today? @3DArnab at Twitter

Rahul gandhi is a shrewd Man (atleast he thinks) who once senses the danger, immediately runs away to safe house. But while he thwarts these attacks, he puts his party in bad situation, Danger of being wiped out of India. And at the rate he is going kejriwal uncle will soon be happy, ‘AAP’ as possible replacement of congress.

“I will speak, but they will not let me speak. Because they are scared of what I will say,” Rahul Gandhi before Parliament.

But he left parliament abruptly when ‘Anurag Thakur was mocking him’, so he is fast becoming ‘Runaway bachelor of Parliament’.


So Let us see how twitter Reacted on Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha


Please don’t mock Rahul,it is not his fault


That Bad Huh

He realized  when this morning he woke up last night.

RAGA before Speech & After the Speech




Bad Taste