Rahul Gandhi to celebrate New Year in London- His Satyagrah against PM Modi and Notebandi

Yes this is true, The haters of Rahul Gandhi we have news for you. If you are thinking that he is abroad to have fun and on Holiday,  you are in for surprise. Mr Rahul Gandhi is there to start a styagrah against PM Narendra Modi from There. He will not be in Pubs or Any fun places. He will find a secluded place to Medidate for Poor and Dalits of India. Rahul Gandhi is a Divine man, went to London for Divine purpose.

When in India Rahul Gandhi was crying whole time amidst Demonetization mess. He was so moved that he couldn’t take it any more and decided to find a place to have some peace of Mind. So comes London!!

I will be traveling for the next few days.Happy New Year to everyone,wishing you and your loved ones success & happiness in this coming year


Rahul has, several times in the past, rung in the New Year as well as his birthday abroad. This time, however, given that the Congress vice-president has taken the lead in bringing various Opposition parties on a common platform to slam the Modi regime’s demonetisation move and also created a buzz by throwing a “personal corruption” charge at the Prime Minister, it remains to be seen how the BJP will react to his suddenly leaving the country for a private visit.
Congress, on the other hand, is expected to shield Rahul yet again, saying that he is entitled, just like any other citizen, to a vacation.

Times of India

Disclaimer- This Post is just for Fun, mentioned facts except foreign trip and ‘quote from TOI’ are fictitious.


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