Yes, it is true and not a Misleading Title.We all know Rahul Gandhi‘s love for simplicity and his famed Hate for Suits (Specially wore by PM Narendra Modi) so he has decided to Visit whole world in His simple and single Dhoti to teach a lesson to Modi. I have legitimate information from confirmed sources that all of His past Holiday tours and now recent one,to Europe is his part of Dhoti Plan, This Man is so simple , How can anybody blame him.

Nehru Family , is completely supportive of  Babyface Rahul in his Plans,Even his famed Brother-in-Law, Robert Vadra, has started to drive his super bikes while wearing Dhoti.

In his Previous Tour exciting Bangkok, Rahul Gandhi decided to take a nice serene Holiday, by travelling Business Class early morning of March 9 on a Thai Airways,but still he wore Dhoti, One can be amazed with his Simplicity.

Let us Dwell in Past, as how it has Started..

“Yours is a government of big people, a suit-boot sarkar,” Rahul Baba

“We want to shed the suit-boot, embrace the dhoti. This is our thinking,”

“RSS and BJP think that the poor and the weaker sections have no knowledge. They do not come to you and do no mix up with you. They want to keep their suits clean,”

Rahul once told villagers in Amethi “We want your sarkar. Shirt ki sarkar, chappal ki sarkar, kurta-pajama ki sarkar. And we will show it to you.” Great Thoughts.

“Suit boot is definitely more acceptable than suitcase. After ruling for 60 years, the Congress has suddenly remembered the poor. People of this country have suffered and remained poor due to shortsighted policies of the Congress,” PM Narendra Modi 


The sight of Him visiting pubs and International Fun parties in His simple,pale Dhoti will be a Divine one.Whole India has faith in you, show the World, How revolutionary your Dhoti Can be.