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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Pe Charcha’ turned into ‘Khat Pe Kharcha’

It seems Congress still has lot of Faith in  Rahul Gandhi‘s ability or might be they have no choice! They are aggressively marketing Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Sabhas’ as part of a major outreach to farmers ahead of Uttar Pradesh assembly polls. It is termed as ‘Khat Pe Charcha’ but sad as it turned out another failed attempt to revive Long-Dead Political Party as there was literally mayhem at the inaugural event. Attendees at rally had better things to do, to get away with Cots. Some 2000 Bihar Made cots were taken by women, men and children. It looked they had come for just one purpose to get custom made Khats for them, all thanks to Rahul Baba. Finally this campaign of Congress becomes Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Pe Kharcha’.

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“Whoever tries to belittle the issue will do an injustice to the poor villagers. Certain people in this country make away with thousands of crores of rupees and when a few villagers take home a thing as innocuous as a cot, all hell breaks loose. This shows the mentality of the BJP,” Congress National Spokesman Meem Afzal said.


Whenever Rahul has gone for yatras in the past, they proved to be the Antim yatra for the Congress- Sambit Patra




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