It is no surprise that Indian Media Personnel are not letting any chance go to promote their New Political Star Kanhaiya Kumar’. So while Promoting and Boosting His New Star ‘Kanhaiya Kumar’ Mr Rahul Kanwal tried to instigate  Subramanian Swamy  by a Challenge but instead received a Superb Reply.

First Know Views of Rahul Kanwal & His David or Golaith Kanhaiya Kumar

Any ham handed action by any govt gives birth to a strong voice of the opposition. Kanhaiya is a shining example. Given a brilliant speech.

Kanhaiya had 23 days to prepare this speech. Clearly used time well. Whether you agree with his worldview or not, a political star is born.

Someone born in a privileged political family can never make such a heartfelt speech. Circumstances make a neta. Dynasts pale in comparison.

Rahul Kanwal – Wonder if the usually fiesty @Swamy39 will take up young Kanhaiya’s challenge for an open debate. David vs Golaith redux? Cracking idea.

Here comes the Reply –  Subramanian Swamy-I would rather debate their Master Hafeez Sayeed than his slaves– JNU’s Jehadi complicit Leftist loonies.

If Retweets and Likes are measure to know the Meter of a Tweet, then Subramanian Swamy has handed a defeat by great margin at twitter to Rahul Kanwal