Rajdeep Sardesai’s Twitter Account Martyred in Trolling Battle!!

One of the Most Prominent TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has now deleted his Twitter account after alleging that his account was ‘hacked’ by Trolls. Rajdeep Sardesai the Prominent face of being Trolled, will now be missed as he was the most favored one. We say his Twitter Account is been Martyred in Trolling Battlefield.

But then He and his gang of Journalist were known for abusing back, hating So called Modi Bhakts and sometimes trolling other prominent celebrities like Anupam Kher, so him crying foul, looks like a gimmick and might be something else, who knows!!

Since Friday night Twitter trolls had alleged that ‘Rajdeep has been responding directly to the tweets via personal messages to haters and had also abused them’. There are four such messages which has been posted by Twitter trolls in which the India Today Editor had allegedly abused them. Though the authenticity of the post is yet to be verified.

On Saturday afternoon at around 3:19 PM Rajdeep alleged that his Twitter account has been hacked by someone. He tweeted, “How low will some people now stoop? Hack my account? Put out false messages? When will this end? Time to disable account. Enough is enough”.

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Disabling the account might not be enough as Twitterati is not leaving him any time soon

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