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Rational Sardar exposes JNU Anti-Nationals, Wow what a watch!

Image courtesy Ravi J Singh https://www.youtube.com/user/rajosi

These JNU Anti-naitional hypocrites enjoying subsidized education (approximately 3 Lacs per Anum) thanks to India and we Intolerant Indians, raises slogans “Azadi till India Ki Barbadi”. Indians who spent tens of Lakh on their Normal education have every right to slam these free-loaders. What have must frustated common Indian that these free loaders claim of High moral ground when shaming their own country and get praised by our Politicians led by Kejriwal and Rahuls.

So here comes a Rational Common Indian to slam them all, and wow a Good One..Watch Him- A Must Watch for Kanhaiya & Umar Khalid

Watch Ravij Singh’s video monologue on the ‘anti-national’ students of JNU, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Watch this video to understand why the students who were celebrating Afzal Guru as martyrs are not only against India but also against their own self. And, understand how too much ‘tolerant’ by any one would be seen only as cowardice.

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