Twitter is demanding that Virat Kohli should issue A statement saying ” He is not Human but Immortal “. There is no doubt in any one’s mind he is not just best but The Best Batsman in the World Right Now. With the precision and consistency, irrespective of Formats, Virat Kohli is scroing the Run, One is bound to say ” He is from Another Planet “. It happened again, in #RCBvKXIP Game he scored his Fourth Hundred and because of him RCB  made 211 in 15 overs.

“If AB de Villiers is SuperMan, Virat Kohli is Batman” Chris Gayle

He is bang on Target, AB de Villiers is undoubtedly the  Superman of Cricket when he bats almost in every Direction at 360 Degrees turn, yeah Virat Kohli may not have that athelatic super Human abilities, but he does have heart and passion added with off the Planet Batsmanship like the Passionate Batman.

Forget Modi publishing his degrees to prove that he is educated. Virat Kohli needs to publish his DNA to prove that he is human.

It was raining earlier. But Virat Kohli is reigning Bangalore, in fact T20 world. Century in 15 overs with stitches. Unreal!

100 in 15 overs? 100 with 7-8 stitches in one hand? FOURTH 100 in one #IPL season? Nothing is unachievable for Virat Kohli

Virat is well on track to be the first batsman to score 1,000 runs in a single IP


Virat Kohli’s scores in this IPL9(Mind You It is 20-20 Tournament)

113 off 50 balls

75* off 51

109 off 55

108* off 58

100* off 63

80 off 63

79 off 48

75 off 51

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