Reactions at twitter  “on Sonia Gandhi Led ‘Save Democracy’ in India, March from Jantar Mantar to Parliament”  were awesome, where Majority of Users asked for what reason Congress is doing such a March. Some of the Twitterati even suggested to do a March from Jantar Mantar to Italy instead and some were of  opinion that this Drama is for diverting all negative Attention garnered from Augusta Westland Deal and This time around, it seems not even tens of Such March is going to save Congress and it’s Corrupt Leaders.

And the entry of Robert Vadra in Posters at ‘Jantar Mantar’ were enough to charge People to tweet More and More #ScamQueenOnRoad.

One advantage of Sonia’s March from Jantar Mantar to Parliament – U can spots all the corrupts politicians at one place.

Congress should March from Jantar Mantar to Italy instead!