Times of India or TOI it seems has gone a little further in clicking and publishing Photos of Royals visiting India. As a Leading Newspaper it should had followed a protocol to not disrespect the guests. But publishing the Photos of Dutchess in such way is embarrassing and exposing the modesty of a Women. Moron at Times of India should had understood the difference, how can a Lady vising Martyr’s memorial caught in embarrassing situation be Marilyn’ moment for you. For God sake she is not posing for you. This way you have interfered in Private domain of their life.

If it had the opportunity, Times of India wudn’t have hesitated from publishing an upskirt pic of Mother …….

This is not the First Time Times of India did

Kyunki TOI Imaandar Adult content deti hai

Congrats Times of India! From the Grand Dame of Bori Bunder, you’ve become a perv with camera seeking upskirt shots