As expected Rising Star 2 Episode 1 gets a thundering start. This season’s theme is #UthaoSochKiDeewar to break away with all ill preconceived notions and stereotypes. In this sense Rising star has done a marvellous job. To know more about the best singing reality show in India so here we are with latest updates and Highlights of Episode 1.

First Contestant Rohanpreet Singh kick started #RisingStar2 Episode 1 with a thunderous 95%


Mamta Raut performed as Rising Star India 2 Contestant and gave a stunning performance.

Mamta Raut raises the wall with her beautiful voice and scores a whopping 86%!


Debanjali Chaterjee as Rising Star India Season 2 Contestant is gonna rock. She has golden voice. Debanjali Chaterjee shared her story how music has helped her come out from her depression. May god help her to win Rising Star.

Aman Biswal has surely won hearts with his mesmerising classical voice and raised the wall with 89%!

Aman Biswal Rising Star India 2 Contestant  is a 12yrs old singer from Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

Sriprasanna Pendyalaya imprinted in our hearts with her soulful voice on Sun Saathiya song. Sriprasanna Pendyalaya a Rising Star India 2018 Contestant is surely a strong contender.

Amazing is that Sriprasanna Pendyalaya doesn’t understand a word of Hindi.

Sriprasanna Pendyalaya has raised the wall with her amazing voice scoring 94%!