Rising Star Season 2 is certainly rising to its reputation. Rising Star 2 Episode 2 got a fantastic start with Mastero Shankar Mahadevan singing. There were many good performances and total of five contestants made it to next rounds.


Watch Dr. Sudeep Ranjan follow his dreams on #RisingStar2!

Soham & Chaitanya have set the stage with an amazing performance making everyone sway to their melodious duo performance!

Soham & Chaitanya have raised the wall with their amazing classical performance scoring 94% votes.


Ridham Kalyan is here to make us fall in love with his voice


Software engineer Ashwin Prabhu is all set to raise the wall


Afreen Group has set the bar high with their amazing performance

Then Comes best performance in Audition stage till date of the season, Afreen group. Afreen Group Rising Star 2 Contestant gave their audition in Episode 2. With a brilliant musical performance a amazing qawali performance , Afreen Group stole the show and raises the wall scoring 94% votes.


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