Enough words ! Time to Show your intent.

If you are really worried about your physique,ever degrading fitness level,non existent stamina,it’s a wake up call friends,do something,come out of your shell.Yeah ,Live Life to fullest but does it mean to erode yourself.I don’t want it for myself and not for you.We will rejuvenate our life together and i am ready to walk the path that leads to perfect health and glory,Do you walk with me?

I have a Way. i have a workout Plan. Only thing i need is your commitment and your commitment.I will be your guide to remind you of your Calibre.

This plan of Mine ‘Road to Glory’ will help you out in achieving Dream fitness of yours.I will write a daily Post of 45 Min workout that can be performed either at home or Gym.In addition  plan will include 30 minutes of Daily walk done at Brisk Pace.

My every post will have detailed explanation of  Specific day workout.

Stay Tune.