Robert Vadra gets Royal Treatment at Twitter!!

Robert Vadra, the Son In Law of Congress party, yes he is! because ” Congress is Nehru Family, Nahru Family is Congress”, has now declared him being independent of  Priyanka Vadra or Priyanka Gandhi “Didn’t Need Priyanka Gandhi to Enhance My Life Says Robert Vadra”.

His life, wealth, Numbers of Super bikes, Land Lenght are all enhanced now, so if he says  “Didn’t Need Priyanka Gandhi to Enhance My Life” then he is right. But Mamma Congress should be worried, does he mean ” Trouble in Paradise”.

So This was enough to unite twitterati against their all time favorite punching bag “Robert Vadra the Poor Farmer”  and they celebrated with tweeting freely and being funny and sarcastic.



If you are talking about Robert Vadra, you are not spposed to miss Rahul Baba, So we have a funny Video to share!!

The Secret Behind Rahul Gandhi’s Speeches Is Out ! Video Source- Viral in India – Subscribe








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