rohith vemula

So It’s Official now, Rohith Vemula not a Dalit, so What, Kejriwal and Rahuls of India will find another opportunity to create Artificial intolerance by Instigating Caste war. Instead they would have tried to highlight unnecessary Union Politics in Universities. Whatever caste of Rohith Vemula, India has lost a son.

A top police source told ET: “We have found that neither of Rohith Vemula‘s parents belongs to the SC/ST community, though they managed to get a certificate in Guntur stating that they belong to the scheduled Mala community. We are now investigating how they managed to get the certificate.”

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But A Dalit doctor died in Delhi and kejriwal never visited his house upon repeated requests from His Dalit Father, hope kejriwal would not stick to Politics of Selectivity. If He not, BJP and Media must insure that he should.

Kejriwal has been accused of ignoring the death of the dalit doctor who dies of swine flu.  Arvind kejriwal is fast becoming symbol of Dalit & Minority Politics and Selective socialism.  Kejriwal can go to Hyderabad to build up his Dalit Votebanks but intentionally chooses to ignore a Delhite Dalit who lost his Dalit Doctor Son to Swine Flu.

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