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Rotavirus vaccine – to Prevent diarrhoea Deaths, Another Milestone by Modi Government

Given that Rotavirus diarrhoea is responsible for about 78,000 deaths every year and major affected demography is of Children upto Age of 5 Yr, The inclusion of the Rotavirus vaccine to India’s routine immunization schedule is a welcome step and will have Long-Terms effect in Providing Health Care for Exceptionally Large Population as the Most Deprived Populations are found to be affected by Diarrhoea.

Major milestone of Union Health Ministry: Rotavirus vaccine to avert children’s deaths due to diarrhoea, Rotavirus is singularly responsible for up to 40% of all cases of severe diarrhoea in India,  introduction of Rotavirus vaccine will avert 27,000 deaths of children due to diarrhoea, 2.91L hospitalizations and 6.86L outpatients visit, With the launch of rotavirus vaccine in the country,the vaccine will be available free of cost at the public health facilities.- Jagat Prasad Nadda, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare – Government of India


Children upto 1 yr of age are most at risk from Rotavirus. Opt for vaccination to Prevent Rotavirus and keep your child healthy.

Concurrent policies and initiatives such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the Mission Indradhanush are aiding the fight against preventable diseases. Recent moves prioritising preventative health such as the launch of new vaccines including the rotavirus vaccine into the Universal Immunization Programme highlights the ingenuity with which the public health “enterprise” is seeking to generate impact. Via- DailyO

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