Venkaiah Naidu RSS in India

RSS ‘Most patriotic organisation in the country’- Venkaiah Naidu

Union Minister and BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu was at his creative best when he said RSS stands for ‘Ready for Selfless Service’ and added Opposition are morally wrong in criticizing the ‘most patriotic organisation in the country’.

RSS ‘Most patriotic organisation in the country’- Venkaiah Naidu

“Only Congress Party and its allies can do cheap politics. The BSP, SP and AAP all are doing politics over Rohith’s death. Parties like SP and BSP are preaching us, they are criticising the RSS. The RSS means ‘Ready for Selfless Service’. It is the most patriotic organisation in the country. We are all proud that we are brought up by the RSS,”

“The Opposition has no moral right to criticise the RSS. Your party follows divisive agenda. Your party has followed politics of hatred,”

“This is all ‘tamasha’ going on. The Congress Party is doing ‘tamasha’ politics. What Rahul did yesterday was natural fasting. Everyone does that. They are doing drama. Coming one day and keeping a fast wouldn’t help. They have been ruling for more than 50 years. What did they do then?. Now as the Congress is idle after losing the power, they are suddenly coming to show sympathy and condolences. Is this some kind of joke?”

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