Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli opened up on many accounts, while chatting with Glenn Maxwell. You can find the Interview at the latest edition of ‘Maxi’s Blog’ on 

The New sensation in Cricket world Virat Kohli was full of praise for  his Idol Sachin Tendulkar, the retired legend and living God of the game who was still in his prime when Virat Kohli made his international debut, in 2008.

“I started playing cricket because of him and I was inspired to do the things that he did playing for the country,”

 “He really helped me with little things that I could improve on in my game. If he saw something he would come up to me himself and tell me.

“Which is quite rare. You don’t have people of his stature come up and talk to youngsters like that.”

And when Virat Kohli got a Opportunity to showcase his immense Talent that too in Cult ICC World T20 2016 Match when his Idol, Sachin Tendulkar was watching, He scored a Sublime Match Winning Fifty and Bowed down to Mastero.

Arjun to Shiva – Virat Kohli bowed to Sachin After Scoring Fifty